June 20, 2019  |  News, Stories

Pictured left to right: Hollyn Swider, The Cabin Counseling & Resource Center | Barb Schroeder, CFBC | Deidra Raush, The Cabin Counseling & Resource Center | Laurie Kirkpatrick, The Cabin Counseling & Resource Center | Mike Keevin, Aspire Indiana | Michelle Whitaker, InWell/Mental Health America Boone County



We are very excited to announce our spring grant cycle recipients. A total of $26,250 was awarded to Aspire Indiana, InWell/Mental Health America Boone County, and The Cabin Counseling-Resource Center. We brought the recipients together for a networking breakfast and truly loved seeing their passions connect, sharing their mission and vision statements, and talking through obstacles they all face. It was a wonderful time of networking and brainstorming, while all focused on how we can support each other to continue supporting our Boone County residents. It’s amazing what happens when you bring like-minded people together who are passionate about the same things!

Aspire Indiana will be using the funds to support the Ticket to Work program, which helps Social security beneficiaries go to work, by hiring an employment specialist for the Lebanon office. InWell/Mental Health America will use the grant to support their DEB program, which currently provides support for ten DCS and probation referred students by offering scheduled therapy, dinner, study time, and community service opportunities. The Cabin plans to use the grant funds to support their Clifton Youth Strengths Finder Pilot Program, which will work to identify and capitalize on 4th and 6th grade Boone County students’ strengths to enhance school performance, self-esteem, and relationships.

Since 1991, thanks to our passionate and generous community, we have granted over $25 million from our various funds to nonprofit organizations and programs working to solve critical challenges in Boone County. All grants awarded by the Community Foundation of Boone County are to improve the quality of life in Boone County by contributing to the development of each community and enabling citizens to reach their full untapped potential. We accept Letters of Inquiry twice a year: spring and fall. Our fall 2019 Letter of Inquiry is currently open until August 13th, 2019. For general information on our Letter of Inquiry process, guidelines, and deadlines, click here. As always, contact us with any questions. We thank you for helping us make a difference in Boone County!