March 18, 2019  |  News, Stories

Equipping Boone County Nonprofit Leaders with Fundraising Skills


30 leaders from 19 different Boone County nonprofit organizations met with the same passion: to help others in Boone County. Through interactive discussions, real life examples, and hands on partner activities, Bill Stanczykiewicz, Director of The Fund Raising School at the IUPUI School of Philanthropy and Community Foundation of Boone County board member, taught these leaders how to effectively fundraise as a small nonprofit in order to reach the organizational goals. While some nonprofits have paid full-time staff and fully engaged boards, others only have volunteer staff and disengaged boards. Because of these differences, the Community Foundation of Boone County wants to ensure that all organizations are empowered with the same fundraising awareness and skillset to set our nonprofits up for success.


The class equipped attendees with skills and techniques to engage everyone on the team, regardless of paid versus not paid, full-time versus volunteer. “Being able to offer this course at a highly discounted rate to our nonprofit organizations is just one way the Community Foundation of Boone County is diving in to support our leaders. We truly believe the more we can equip our nonprofit leaders with the skills needed to effectively run nonprofits, the stronger and more stable our Boone County-serving nonprofit sector will be”, says Kristi Reynolds, President & CEO for the Community Foundation of Boone County. “Seeing these organizations build relationships, develop collaborative ideas, and realize how fundraising is a crucial part in all of those initiatives, is so exciting!”


Each attendee received a Certificate of Achievement from the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy | The Fund Raising School on the last day. CFBC looks forward to seeing the education be put into action to continue making it better in Boone County. As presenter Bill Stanczykiewicz stated, “fundraising is the joy delivery business”. Connecting people who have a passion with a related need is what fundraising is all about.


To find out how you can support nonprofits related to your passions, visit here for all nonprofit funds and here for all community funds. Money in these funds are directed to the specific organization and/or cause, and gifts are currently being matched by Lilly Endowment, Inc. $0.50 to every $1 donated. If you are passionate about Boone County and want to give back to the big picture, check out the Boone County Community Impact Fund. Money in the Community Impact Fund is disbursed out by the CFBC staff and board, as needs arise in Boone County. Thanks to Lilly Endowment, Inc., all funds in the Community Impact Fund are currently being matched $2 for every $1 donated. This means a $20 donation becomes $60, a $500 donation becomes $1,500, a $10,000 donation becomes $30,000. Every dollar counts, no matter the size of the gift, so give today!


Please contact our office with questions on any of these details: 765.482.0024 |