Our Story is Your Story.

Our story is written by those in our community who help others – both donors and nonprofits.  We all come together to make an impact in our neighbor’s lives. Below are a few of our recent stories, but make sure to check out all of our Stories of Impact or Share Yours.

Women of Impact: Mental Health of America in Boone County Impact


Our Women of Impact Boone County group voted Mental Health of America in Boone County (MHABC) as the 2018 fourth quarter grantee. The grant of $14,400 had a MAJOR impact over the past year through directly supporting the domestic violence program and overall increased program awareness. The domestic violence program at MHABC helps survivors reach beyond just getting by and truly helps them and their family to heal as whole people, to gain their individuality, independence, and confidence back, and to start feeling human again. The Women of Impact grant funds supplemented needs for domestic violence survivors in the program, including job training, therapy, support group programming, and whole health needs such as exercise, wellness, and hobbies.


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Boone County Continues to Rise During COVID-19 

We continue to see our communities rise up to address needs. Collectively, needs are being filled and we thank you for playing your part! On Thursday, March 12, 2020, the Community Foundation of Boone County awarded the first round of  COVID-19 response grants to seven local Boone County nonprofits totaling $30,000, to support programs addressing immediate needs during these times. We invite you to check out the impact these nonprofits have already made, learn the remaining unmet needs, and see how you can continue to help.


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The Impact of Capacity Building

2019 was the second year for the CFBC Capacity Building program. The goal of this program is to help build stronger nonprofits benefiting the whole county through capacity building opportunities. The 2019 participants, Boone County Cancer Society and the Boys & Girls Club of Boone County, recently presented how the grant funds impacted their organizations to our staff, board, and grants committee. As needs change throughout Boone County, these two organizations will be able to implement what they learned to help their nonprofits and the residents of Boone County through future chapters. 

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CFBC Day of Giving Back

On November 26, 2019, CFBC staff traveled across the county to surprise ten Boone County nonprofits each with a $1,000 check. It was the first ever “CFBC: Day of Giving Back”. We dedicated the entire day to giving back to some of the amazing people who serve Boone County every day. In seven hours, we poured $10,000 back into Boone County nonprofits to help them better serve others. The funds came from the Community Impact Unrestricted Fund at CFBC, which allows the foundation to award grants to meet needs within the community as they arise.

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