Women of Impact Boone County is a philanthropic women’s group, coordinated by the Community Foundation of Boone County (CFBC).  This group is designed to provide financial support for local nonprofit organizations while creating a sense of community. 

Members commit to donating $100 annually to the Women’s Fund endowment at the Community Foundation of Boone County and additional quarterly donations, based on membership type, to support the four nonprofits selected by the members throughout the year.

Our next meeting is AUGUST 30 at Whitestown Municipal Complex.  Click here to go to the Facebook event with more information! 


Why Become a Member?


You want 100% of your donations to go to a local charity in your community.


You want to be part of a powerful group that makes a lasting, positive and direct impact on Boone County.


You enjoy meeting other women who care about the local community and causes that make a difference here.


The Basics



2017 meetings will be held on March 1, May 24, August 30 and November 29. We will begin the evening with a social time at 5:30 p.m.  Meetings start at 6:00 p.m. and conclude at 7:00 p.m.


Every member has the option of nominating a nonprofit organization for the opportunity to win the group’s support.  When an organization is selected, the speaker has 5 minutes to present to the group why this charity deserves the group’s support.  Three charities will be randomly selected at each meeting.


Members will vote for one of the three charities that were presented.  The charity with the most votes is selected as that evening’s grant recipient.


Members make a quarterly donation, based on their membership type, to CFBC, which will award one large grant to the winning organization. You may also choose to make your entire donation at one time rather than each quarter.

Observe the IMPACT

A check presentation will be scheduled roughly 2-3 weeks after the meeting.  All members are encouraged to attend and hear directly from the selected organization how the donation will be utilized to better Boone County.


Gabi Youran
Director of Community Relations
765.482.0024 | 317.873.0210


membership options

PLEASE NOTE: If you are joining after the first meeting of the year, your commitment is prorated based on the quarters for which you are a member.  If you are joining in the third quarter, that means a $300 annual commitment for general members and $150 for shared members.  Contact Gabi with any questions!

General Member

$500 annual commitment
$100 to Endowment
$100 each quarter
May sponsor member(s)

Shared Member

$250 annual commitment
$50 to Endowment
$50 each quarter
Must join with partner
One vote per pair

Associate Member

$100 annual commitment
$20 to Endowment
$20 each quarter
Must be under 30
Sponsor required




Plan to nominate a nonprofit? Click here for tips on preparing your presentation!




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and select Women of Impact Membership from the dropdown menu)

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