The Community Foundation of Boone County offers a variety of funds through which your client may choose to give.  A minimum gift of $5,000 is needed for the fund to be established.  Click here to view the types of gifts the community foundation accepts.

Unrestricted Named Funds are gifts given for the foundation to use at their discretion.  Unrestricted funds give the Foundation the ultimate flexibility in fulfilling its mission through addressing the community’s most pressing needs at the time the gift is made, while still allowing a donor to leave a legacy.

Designated Funds allow for simplicity of choosing specific organizations that your client’s fund will support.  If your clients have defined giving goals, this option will permanently support the nonprofits they determine when establishing their fund.

Field of Interest Funds provide the advantage of choosing a field of charitable work that your clients care about, without determining a specific nonprofit to support.  For instance, your clients’ field of interest may be to support literacy programs in their hometown or to support animal rescue groups. This option helps to focus the mission of your clients’ giving, without limiting the specific organizations they can support.

Donor Advised Funds offer your clients the most flexibility in the direction of each grant from their fund. Your client may decide to give to causes related to health and education today, and choose to support efforts for disaster recovery and social welfare tomorrow.  No matter what causes ignite your clients’ passion, they can support them all from their donor advised fund.

Scholarship Funds help deserving young people and adults reach their dreams of higher education and are one of the most common ways of honoring or memorializing an individual.

To learn more about how your client can open a fund, please contact us.