The Community Foundation of Boone County is here to help your clients achieve their philanthropic dreams.  Working with CFBC provides many advantages:

CFBC is your client’s one-stop-shop for philanthropy.

We continuously cultivate relationships with numerous nonprofit organizations. This allows us to promote partnerships between nonprofits and donors to exchange ideas, share information and collaborate to build a better community.

CFBC helps your client evaluate what they truly care about.

We spend time with your clients, ensuring their needs are truly fulfilled.  We sit down with them to understand what they hope to gain from their experience with the Community Foundation.  From there, we help your clients develop a plan to achieve their philanthropic goals.

CFBC supports a broad area of charitable interests.

Everyone has different passions. The range of charitable causes the Community Foundation is able to give to is endless.  From arts and culture to animal rights, the Community Foundation is not limited to a specific charitable area.  Every need in the community is important to the Foundation.

CFBC is able to identify community needs.

We share our broad knowledge of community needs and how your client might help address them.

CFBC is flexible in the gifts they are able to accept.

We are able to accept various forms of gifts.  Whether your client is interested in cash, stock, estate or other asset-related gifts, all can used to impact the community.

CFBC allows your client to leave a lasting legacy

Establishing an endowed fund allows donors to fulfill their charitable goals now – and forever.

The board and staff of CFBC ensure that funds are being handled properly.

Our board and staff are passionate about the community and your clients’ philanthropic dreams.  We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity to ensure we are fulfilling the wishes of your client.

CFBC is in compliance with the Community Foundation National Standards.

This ensures that the Foundation meets the highest ethical standards of operation, making the foundation a transparent and trustworthy organization.

We would be happy to meet with you to share more about our organization and how we can help you and your clients. Please contact us  for more information.