You can help best serve your client by listening for and identifying situations in which philanthropic giving would be appropriate.

Examples include:

  • Your client is interested in composing or modifying a will and is interested in charitable giving
  • When tax-planning, your client is in need of a greater tax deduction
  • Your client is interested in creating a private foundation
  • Your client needs assistance in managing and granting funds from their private foundation
  • Your client is single or married without children and would like to know his/her options when estate planning
  • Your client is interested in selling their appreciated stocks but are worried about the capital gains tax
  • Your client is passionate about a particular community need or organization
  • Your client wants to ensure a spouse, child or parent has a stream of income
  • Your client finds that he/she may have more insurance than needed
  • Your client would like to help minimize the potential effects of future estate taxes through charitable giving