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The Opportunity

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Our Goals



The Community Foundation of Boone County was founded in 1991 to foster a spirit of generosity in our communities. A way for Boone County to love its citizens back with a goal for no one to ever feel alone in their effort to make a better life for themselves, their families, neighborhoods and communities; to enrich lives through education and programs fostering communities and people that are empowered to reach their full potential.

In Boone County, people care, people listen, and people give. It is because of the generous residents who believe in helping others that the Community Foundation of Boone County has been able to award over $20 million in grants and scholarships back to the community. This is the Boone County we know and love.

Prior to 1990, there was no local source for charitable or educational grants and scholarships. In 1991, the Community Foundation of Boone County came to life with $15,000 in startup gifts and a matching grant from Lilly Endowment. Today, there are $21 million in assets, most of which is endowed – to preserve and grow – spending only the interest on scholarships and charitable/educational grants for our Boone County home in good times and in bad. We are here to help others, create opportunity, and develop a thriving community for all.  This lasting endowment is here to help our community – forever.

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The Need

Residents only have high school diploma (as high as 48% in some pockets)

Never graduate from high school

Live in poverty (as high as 22% in some pockets for children under 18)

Odds of being in poverty if you're the child of a single parent

CFBC has made numerous grants to Boone County organizations and supported Boone County students through scholarships, but the needs are still very prevalent.  As we work with nonprofits throughout the county, we hear daily that the demand for their services is increasing and their ability to raise funds is a constant worry. Acting on their concerns, the Community Foundation of Boone County compiled needs data for our county to try to identify the root causes of issues in our county. As shown above, what we learned confirms that poverty is prevalent in our county.

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The Vision


To bring together individuals, organizations, businesses, schools, and government to identify lasting solutions to the root causes of Boone County’s greatest needs.

The Community Foundation helps bring the county together for the greater good. We are in a unique position to foster conversations, support collaboration, and award grants to deserving organizations committed to helping end the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Many Boone County nonprofits have shared with us that their core goals have evolved to addressing the root causes of poverty. Demands on their services are increasing and organizations are realizing their own sustainability relies on the ability to get to the root of the problem. Organizations need tools to help people get to a path to self-sufficiency. Our desire is to help our county organizations collaborate under a shared vision to change lives forever, rather than a continued struggle against ever-increasing demand.