Maximizing your Community Investment through Endowment

Many people say it “takes a village” to make a difference.  The truth is, one person can make a huge impact.  But when you pool the resources and innovation of many caring people, even greater things can happen.

The same goes for giving to an endowed fund at the Community Foundation – or starting your own.  Your gift is pooled with the gifts of many others and invested over time.  The interest of these funds is then used to help deserving and hardworking organizations in our county that are helping people better their lives for the long haul.

The Community Foundation continually stays informed about our county’s greatest needs, so you can rest assured that your gift will help people and organizations who need it most, here at home.  From our neighbors who are hungry, to those undergoing cancer treatment, to at-risk kids in need of a mentor, your gift helps the Community Foundation invest in the most important thing of all: people.