June 25, 2019  |  News, Stories


At the Community Foundation of Boone County, we are always working to increase awareness and community engagement by building up leaders throughout our county. We love connecting people with passions to our nonprofits with needs. The participants of our 2019 Leadership Conference helped us continue to make those connections, by teaching others how to be better leaders and philanthropists. 35 Boone County leaders from 26 different organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, joined together to further their knowledge on what it takes to be an effective leader.

The conference kicked off discussing the importance and value of corporate philanthropy. Tom Easterday from Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA) shared the many ways SIA has been extremely successful in setting the high standard and example of what corporate philanthropy looks like, as well as the major impact it has on local communities.  Attendees left the conference with ideas to take back and implement within their own organizations. “Corporate philanthropy and what SIA is doing for the community is a great message”, said one attendee.

The attendees spent the rest of the day with Erin Slater from Intentional Coaching + Consulting learning about Energy Leadership. All attendees completed a leadership assessment before the conference and the results were given to each individual when Erin began her session. This allowed each attendee to see their individualized leadership style while Erin discussed what it all meant. Through the session, attendees became aware of how they respond to different situations and how to identify strategies to utilize the type of energy that will best serve them and others around them. One attendee told us, “Erin was very engaging and knowledgeable on the topic. I walked away with tools I actually used the following day.”

The conference closed with a creative networking session, aligning with the CFBC goal of connecting community leaders.

The next Boone County Leadership Series event will be in September (date TBD) and will be hosted by the Boone County Chamber. We hope you will join us!