June 28, 2021  |  News

In June 2021, members of the Women of Impact (WoI) philanthropic giving group brought their passion to support local nonprofits together and voted Mental Health America of Boone County as the 2021 second quarter grantee.

Mental Health America of Boone County (MHABC) provides mental health resources and referrals, domestic violence housing, and a variety of programming that provides safe refuge from traumatic life events and addresses the intellectual, emotional, physical, recreational, and cultural needs of the youth of Boone County and their families.

Many Boone County residents are aware of the Young Scholars Preparatory Pre-K and BASE (Before and After School Enrichment) programs held at MHABC. They operate Pre-K classrooms in 3 Lebanon elementary schools for students ages 4 and up, focused on first preparing children emotionally and socially for life and school, and then preparing them academically. They just ended their most recent school year having served 35 children from Stokes, Perry Worth, and Harney elementary schools.

MHABC recently purchased the former Mason’s Lodge in Lebanon and currently holds the summer day camps there. They are expanding their early learning program to include an outdoor/natured-based class at this new property, including nature and the outdoors as a major factor of the curriculum. 

“Outdoor learning is a growing trend among many learning platforms”, said Katie Pollock, Senior Vice President of MHABC and Women of Impact member. “We’ve already seen that our students are more focused and do their best work when they’ve had ample time to play and learn outdoors – so it makes sense to expand on this!”

MHABC plans to create a space on their 4 acres of property with plants, paths, and outdoor classroom, gardens, sand/mud play areas, an active playground area, musical and arts related stations, and more. “This space can also be used by older students where they can work on homework peacefully by themselves or with peers”, said Pollock.

This Women of Impact grant will allow MHABC to purchase materials, such as building and gardening materials, storage needs, outdoor equipment (musical, art, and STEM), and active play equipment. “We are so grateful to the Women of Impact members for supporting MHABC”, said Pascal Fettig, MHABC President & CEO. “These dollars will continue to support those impacted through our programming.”

To learn more about MHABC, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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