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Million Dollar Breakfast

Breakfast leverages over $76,000 in matching dollars for the Community!

We are excited to announce that the amount of matching funds raised at our recent Million Dollar Breakfast totals $76,445 as of 9/11/15 Add the Lilly Endowment matching funds and our Community Impact Fund is now over $150,000 stronger thanks to the many people who gave as a result of this exciting event.  This now brings the TOTAL raised to date for the Million Dollar Challenge to about $575,000 – we will keep going until we leverage the total Million Dollar Match!

In case you missed it, Boston Celtics Head Coach and Zionsville native, Brad Stevens returned to Boone County on August 28th for an exclusive fundraising event to raise funds for the Community Foundation’s Community Impact Fund, leveraging a $1:$1 match thanks to Lilly Endowment.  Coach Stevens was the featured speaker and is truly a hometown hero.  He shared first-hand what an impact the Boone County community had on him growing up – including being a recipient of the Community Foundation’s Todd Getty Memorial Scholarship.   Jenny Robbins, LHS graduate and participant in the Lebanon High School Grad Coach Program shared her inspirational story and the impact the LHS Grad Coach Program has made on her life. 2013 Lilly Scholar, Scott Mohler shared his college plans thanks to the full-ride scholarship through the Community Foundation. It was an inspirational morning.

Lilly Endowment has awarded the Community Foundation of Boone County a $1 million challenge grant for our Community Impact Fund and for other various component funds that support our community.  We are well on our way to reaching this goal, but need to keep the momentum going.  For those who have given so generously – thank you!

If you’d like to be a part of making this goal a reality for our community, you can STILL double your impact.  All gifts given to the Community Impact Fund will be MATCHED, dollar for dollar thanks to Lilly Endowment!  Gifts to other endowed component funds will be matched 50 cents for every dollar given.  You can help us make a difference by giving today at

As Brad Stevens, said, “You have to have a “team-first” mentality to succeed.”  And that is how we will achieve this Million Dollar Challenge – if everyone can do their part, we will have $2 million dollars from our community to invest in our community endowment.  It will be here to give back to our neighbors – forever.

Thank you for being a part of our amazing Boone County team where people care and people give!

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