Agency endowment funds are a trusted way to invest in the future of your organization. Agency Funds allow you to:

  • Have a perpetual stream of revenue for the operation of your organization,
  • Provide a way for donors to give complex gifts such as stocks, life insurance, or property to benefit your organization; and
  • Benefit from fund investment and management expertise.

Bottom-line…an agency endowment allows you to concentrate on your mission (whether it is helping kids, or animals, or bringing cultural opportunities to our community) while we invest in your financial future.  Contact our Program Director Barb Schroeder for more information.


“Boone County Senior Services, Inc. is grateful for the ongoing partnership with the Community Foundation of Boone Bounty.  Our endowment has enabled us to continue to provide services for older adults in need in our communities, in addition to having the ability to identify new gaps that we work to fill each year.  Together, we are working for a better quality of life whether by providing monthly support to low-income older adults or by using the funds toward an annual program or service.”

-Anita Bowen, Boone County Senior Services, Inc.

“The Arc of Greater Boone County obtains funds from many different sources to fulfill our mission to assist people with disabilities and others in need reach their maximum potential in our community.  Most funds have guidelines in which we can only spend it in a very specific way.  Endowment funds from the Community Foundation allow us to target individuals who need it the most and have no other available source to improve their circumstances.  This allows us to work with special cases where otherwise an individual would most likely fall through the cracks.  Thank you Community Foundation of Boone County for providing this funding vehicle!”

– Brent Cardin, The Arc of Greater Boone County