To meet our mission of creating a thriving community for all, we partner to build and strengthen Boone County, bringing together people and organizations that want to make a difference. We help guide philanthropy and are committed to improving the quality of life here. To do this effectively, we must be alert and have our finger on the pulse of the challenges facing the nonprofits that serve our county. We need to be flexible enough to meet nonprofits right where they are because we know that a strong, thriving nonprofit community means we can steward donor dollars with more confidence and with greater impact. In 2018, the Community Foundation focused on strengthening the organizations that meet the needs of Boone County and will continue to do so in 2019.


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Aly Sterling Philanthropy Board Series

Designed to deliver a real-life education that empowers nonprofit leaders to govern successfully. This series provided a better understanding of:

the board’s purpose, roles, and responsibilities

a new framework for board recruitment, orientation, evaluation, policies, and procedures

a higher and more effective level of board engagement

access to tools and templates you can customize and use right away