• First, please be sure to read our 2020 grant guidelines.
  • The Community Foundation accepts Letters of Inquiry twice a year.
  • Link to application: https://www.grantinterface.com/Home/Logon?urlkey=cfboone.
  • The CFBC will review the Letter of Inquiry and notify your organization if you are invited to submit a full proposal.
  • If your organization is invited to submit a full proposal, CFBC will provide the application link to you.
  • For the full proposal, you will be required to upload the following documents: full proposal narrative, project budget, financial statements, board roaster, and letters of support, if applicable.

The due date & details for our FALL 2020 GRANT CYCLE has shifted due to changing COVID needs. The due date has NOT YET been determined. Details to come later August. Click here to read more.

Deadlines and Timeline:

Letter of Inquiry Deadline Full Proposal Deadlines  Grants Committee: Anticipated Review Dates Dates of Funding Notification:
February 11th, 2020 Due by Noon March 26th, 2020 Due by Noon                 Mid April          By June 1, 2020
TBD for 2020 TBD for 2020               TBD for 2020      TBD for 2020