How do I begin to apply for a grant with the CFBC?

Start the application process by completing a letter of inquiry during the acceptance dates. The organization will need to set up an account through smarter select as a new applicant with a user name and password. Keep this information handy, as the organization will use it every time it returns to the letter of inquiry to revise or submit. The e-mail address the organization provides will also be CFBC’s primary point of contact for any questions. You may edit and update your letter of inquiry until you click submit.

What happens after I submit a letter of inquiry to the CFBC?

After review by CFBC, the organization will be notified if it is selected to proceed with a full proposal, which it will complete on line along with the required attachments. The applicant will receive a link from CFBC to complete the grant process.

Why does CFBC have only two cycles?

CFBC’s objective is to make more impactful granting within the communities and to bring more organizations with similar programming together to address the needs. This change will allow CFBC more time to work with applicants to help refine requests, as well as provide more time for the grantee community to develop proposals.

How much funding is available to grant from CFBC?

The amount of funding available is dependent upon the Community Foundation’s spending policy, not the number of grant cycles.

Will CFBC allocate a certain percentage of the funds available to each grant cycle?

There is no plan to do so at this time.  Funding decisions will be based upon the merit of the proposals received and the community needs.

Our organization received a grant last year; may we apply for another one this year?

Yes. However, the CFBC must have received and reviewed an organization’s final report at the end of its grant term before it is eligible to apply for a new grant.

What happens if I don’t have audited financials?

The CFBC preference is to have audited financials, but we will accept a financial statement from the organization’s treasurer.

How am I notified of CFBC’s funding of my request?

CFBC staff will call each grantee after the CFBC Board of Directors makes its grantmaking decisions. An applicant also will receive a letter of approval/denial, as well as a grant agreement and communication guidelines if its grant request is approved for funding.

If my grant is approved, how long will it be before a check is distributed?

The organization must sign and return its grant agreement, which will specify when funds are needed and when the program will begin. CFBC cuts checks twice a month, typically on the 15th and 30th.