The Community Foundation exists to grow and maintain an endowment to support Boone County’s greatest needs.  The Community Impact Fund, CFBC’s largest unrestricted fund, allows for flexible and nimble grantmaking, providing the appropriate support as the needs of the county change.

CFBC holds many other funds and often serves as a catalyst to connect donors and causes when their missions and purposes align.

History and Mission

The Community Foundation of Boone County (CFBC) was founded in 1991 with gifts from individuals, families, businesses, organizations and a series of matching grants from a Lilly Endowment initiative, Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT).  CFBC’s mission is to provide pathways for connecting people who care with causes that matter now and in the future. We accomplish our mission by accepting gifts for endowment, investing them and awarding grants from the investment income.


All grants awarded by the CFBC are to improve the quality of life in Boone County, Indiana by contributing to the development of each community and enabling citizens to reach their full untapped potential.

The purpose of  these grant guidelines is to help applicants understand CFBC’S funding fields of interest, award sizes and types of grants, applicant eligibility, proposal  requirements, deadlines and timelines, as well as expectations for final reporting.

All applicants should read these guidelines in their entirety before applying for a grant; in turn, we pledge to read all qualified proposals in their entirety.

What CFBC Funds

Generally, grants are made to support the following fields of interest:

  • Arts and Culture – Efforts that enhance and support the development of quality programming and services through visual art, literature, music, theatre, film and dance etc. throughout Boone County.
  • Community Development – Efforts that build stronger communities that take collective action and generate solutions to common problems; including economic, social, workforce, animal welfare, environmental and cultural change.
  • Education – Efforts that provide educational opportunities that lead to successful and lasting outcomes for Boone County residents from birth through adulthood including special consideration for adult literacy.
  • Health and Human Services – Efforts that ensure Boone County residents are healthy and well.
  • Elderly – Efforts that enrich the lives of older adults.
  • Youth Development – Efforts that help youth ages birth to 18 years old; including special consideration for economically disadvantaged youth.

Additionally, CFBC is Interested in Supporting

  1. Efforts that address the root causes of clearly defined needs in Boone County such as eliminating the cycle of poverty.
  2. Efforts with specific goals, objectives and indicators with which to measure effectiveness.
  3. Efforts that foster a collaborative spirit, partnerships and innovation among various organizations, agencies and individuals serving Boone County.
  4. Efforts that benefit or serve a large number or percentage of Boone County residents.

What CFBC Does Not Fund

  1. Grants to individuals.
  2. Political campaigns or attempts to influence the legislature or any other governmental body except in situations where the award is used to produce nonpartisan analyses, study results and research data.
  3. International travel, first-class air fare; luxury accommodations; alcoholic beverages and hospitality for purposes other than those directly related to meeting program objectives as defined in the proposal.
  4. Event sponsorships, banquets and fundraisers, attendance to competitions, mission trips and conferences.
  5. Expenses or activities that have or will have taken place prior to the earliest notification date as stated in the timeline below.
  6. Requests from religious organizations to promote or teach religious doctrine.
  7. In addition, the Community Foundation of Boone County is not likely to fund capital campaigns and capital requests.

Types of Grants CFBC May Award

Capacity Building

  • One-time funding to boost an organization’s capacity to fulfill its mission including funding for equipment and technology which is long lasting.
  • Organizational capacity such as: strategic planning, marketing, board development, fundraising consulting.
  • Professional capacity such as: certification programs, fundraising school courses.
  • Functional capacity such as: equipment updates/purchases, database purchase and training, emergency repairs.


  • Funding that is contingent upon the grantee achieving a designated goal.


  • Funding that is contingent upon the grantee fundraising an agreed upon dollar amount.


  • CFBC may occasionally consider operating support for an organization which has demonstrated a stable history but needs special assistance due to circumstances beyond its control; an operating proposal must include a plan with reasonable goals for sustainability.


  • Funding for a specific project or program, especially expansion or step-up efforts.

Seed money

  • Funding to start a new project/program or initiative in the community.


Grants are made to organizations which serve Boone County and are defined as 501 (c) (3) public charity and 509 (a) (1) and must be used for charitable purposes as defined by section 170 (b)(1)(A).

Awards are made without discrimination as to age, color, race, religion, sex, disability, veteran status or national origin, and only to eligible recipients that do not unlawfully discriminate on these same criteria.

Award Size & Frequency

CFBC generally offers one-year grants between the amounts of $2,500 and $10,000. Larger grants and multi-year awards may be considered but it is strongly recommended you discuss these larger funding request with Barb Schroeder, CFBC Director of Grants, prior to submitting your letter of inquiry. This could prevent significant delays in the application process. Requests for grants through the competitive cycles are limited to one proposal per organization per calendar year (EXCEPTION: Special Initiative Grants). CFBC assumes no obligation or commitment to provide additional support to the applicant.

Application Procedures 

  1. Visit CFBC’s web site at
  2. Under the Grant’s tab: For Nonprofits; Grant letter of inquiry, submit a “Letter of Inquiry”.
  3. Follow the Grant Letter of Inquiry link to begin. You will be prompted to set up a user account.
  4. Letters of inquiry are accepted once this year.
  5. The CFBC will review the letter of inquiry and notify your organization if you are invited to submit a full proposal.
  6. If your organization is invited to submit a full proposal, a link will be provided by CFBC to you to complete the application.
  7. For the full proposal, you will be required to upload these documents (full proposal narrative, project budget, financial statements, board roster and letters of support, if applicable) described below.
  8. Submit your request.

Full Proposal Narrative 

After your letter of inquiry, if you are invited to submit a full proposal, the narrative for your proposal should be presented in no more than five numbered pages in 11- point font and must address the following questions in the form of an attachment:


  • What problem, challenge or need(s) in Boone County will this request address?
  • What data was used to determine that the need(s) exist in Boone County?
  • What dollar amount are you requesting?
  • What are the measurable outcomes/goals for this project? Note: The results of the outcomes/goals will be expected to be reported in the final report. How will success be measured?


  • Why should your organization receive funding?
  • What is the mission and history of your organization?
  • Who are the key staff or volunteers that will be overseeing the project/program, and what are their qualifications?
  • How does your organization differ from any similar programs/projects that are being offered in the community?
  • What collaborative partnerships exist with other agencies?


  • How will the program/project be implemented?
  • What is the target population?
  • How many Boone County residents will be served or benefit?
  • What communities within the county will be served?
  • What is the timetable for implementation?
  • How will the grant money be spent?
  • What activities will be used to achieve the stated goals?


  • How do you plan to fund the proposed project or program?
  • Can this project/program take place without CFBC fully funding it?
  • Have you or will you apply for support from other sources?  If so, who are the other funders and what is the status of your requests?
  • What are the plans for sustainability, if applicable?

Required Attachments

  1. Proposed narrative.
  2. Project/program budget with notes to indicate the expenses allocated to the proposed CFBC grant.
  3. Most recent annual, preferably audited, financial statement, including a current balance sheet and year-to-date expenses
  4. Board roster-including names, titles, addresses, e-mail addresses of your organization.
  5. Letters of support, if applicable.

Reporting Requirements   

A final report will be required no later than 30 days upon project/program completion. The form will be assigned to you and completed on line.

You must have fulfilled the reporting requirements for any previous CFBC grants before a new grant will be awarded.

For Additional Information and Assistance
Contact:               Barb Schroeder, Program Director
Phone:                  765-482-0024 or 317-873-0210
Fax:                       317-873-0219
Address:               102 N. Lebanon Street, Suite 200, Lebanon, IN 46052