Scholarship applications for the 2019/2020 school year will open mid-December 2019 and close early February 2020. Please stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your interest.

The list below contains links to scholarships provided by the Community Foundation of Boone County. Additional information and scholarships will be added as they become available, so please check back often.  Please take a moment to read these General Scholarship FAQs before beginning your scholarship application.  PLEASE NOTE: the list of scholarships is not formatted to be viewed optimally on a mobile device.  Please use a computer to complete your scholarship application.  

Additional information on the application process can be found on the “Application FAQs” page.

If you find that a link is not active, or you feel information is incorrect or missing, please contact the Community Foundation of Boone County.  We take countless measures to ensure that our site is accurate and up to date, so thank you in advance for notifying us of any issues.


In an effort to assess the financial need of Boone County students, we are requiring that ALL applicants for scholarships complete a College Costs Estimator form and corresponding release form, even if one has been completed previously.  A summary report based on the applicants’ completed College Costs Estimators will be generated for CFBC by The National Center for College Costs, providing CFBC and the scholarship committee with enough information to evaluate the financial need factor in the selection process ONLY FOR THOSE SCHOLARSHIPS THAT CONSIDER FINANCIAL NEED.

Name of ScholarshipRenewable?Financial
Bobby Hysong Memorial ScholarshipNoNoWestern Boone OnlyNone2Agriculture or Agriculture Related Field4-H or FFA preferred
Boone County Agriculture Scholarship for High School StudentsNoNoLHS, SHS, WeBo, ZHSNone2.5Agriculture or Agriculture Related Field
Buren Scholarship EndowmentYesYesLHS, WeBo, ZHSNone2.5NoneMale student with financial need
Carl H. Witt Scholarship EndowmentYesYesLHS, WeBo, ZHSNone2Agriculture or Business PreferredUS Citizen. Boone County resident.
Darrell Portell 4-H ScholarshipNoNoBoone County ResidentNoneNoneNoneUses 4-H application and deadline that is different from the CFBC scholarship process.
Family Music Studio ScholarshipNoNoBoone County ResidentNoneNoneNonepreference given to a student of FMS
Florence Gruver Memorial ScholarshipYesNoLHS, WeBo, ZHS for all 4 yearsNone - 4 year only2Education
Harold and Evelyn Rice ScholarshippossibleNoAnyNoneNoneMinistry/Christian Service
Heather Cline Football ScholarshipNoNoWestern BooneNone2.0NoneHS Football Player
Heather Cline Healthcare
NoNoWestern BooneNone- 2 or 4 year3.0Nursing or Health Carepreference given to nursing
James Holman Carr & Pauline Neel Carr ScholarshipYesYesResident & Graduate of a Boone County High SchoolPurdue University3.0Purdue UniversityAward is based on essay and financial need and must current year HS graduate planning to attend Purdue University.
Jay Martin Vocational/Trade School ScholarshipNoYesLHS, WeBo, ZHS, or Tri-West None2Any Vocational or Trade School
Marjorie Stonehill English, Journalism and Creative Arts ScholarshipNoNoBoone County Resident/Boone County HSNone3English, Journalism or Creative Arts
Norma and Ed Castetter Memorial ScholarshipNoNoLHS, WeBo, ZHSNone2.52.5each principal nominates one applicant from their school
Pliny and Mildred Randall Memorial ScholarshipYesYesWestern Boone OnlyNone2Nonein 2013, two 4-year are given, along with two 2-year renewables. All at $1,000/year
Robert Stonehill Pre Medical ScholarshipNoNoBoone County Resident/Boone County HSNone3.5 Freshman YearMedicineAwarded the applicant's Senior Year, but given Sophomore Year
Zionsville Fire Department/Larry K. Rust Memorial ScholarshipNoNoBoone County ResidentNoneNonePublic Safety and/or Engineering preferred, but not manditory