Below is a list of scholarships provided by the Community Foundation of Boone County, available to Zionsville High School students.  Please take a moment to read these FAQs for general information on scholarships and the application process before beginning your scholarship application.

Name of ScholarshipRenewable?Financial
Andrew Baker ScholarshipNoNoZHS OnlyNoneNoneMusic preferredIf music is not a major or minor, the student must be involved in music as an extracurricular activity.
Ashley C. Thompson ACTion ScholarshipNoNoZHS OnlyNoneNoneNone
Ben Brimmer Memorial Arts ScholarshipNoNoZHS Only2.8Any University, Junior College, Business School or Trade SchoolArt or Art Related Field; Computer DesignMust have work experience in Zionsville area.
Boone County Agriculture Scholarship for High School StudentsNoNoLHS, SHS, WeBo, ZHS2.5NoneAgriculture or Agriculture Related Field
Brad Houser Zionsville Tennis ScholarshipNoNoZHS Only2.5Any 2 or 4 year college or universityNoneMust have participated in 2 years of tennis at ZHS.
Buren Fund Scholarship EndowmentYesYesLHS, WeBo, ZHS, SHS2.5NoneNoneMale student only.
Carl H. Witt Scholarship EndowmentYesYesLHS, WeBo, ZHS2NoneAgriculture or Business PreferredMust be a US Citizen. Boone County resident.
Charles "Pete" Paddock Memorial ScholarshipNoNoZHS OnlyNoneNoneNoneMust have participated in athletics at ZHS.
Charlotte Carr Tyre ScholarshipYesYesLHS, WeBo, ZHS3.0PurdueSchool of AgricultureMust have been a member of 4-H.
Darrell Portell 4-H ScholarshipNoNoBoone County ResidentNoneNoneNoneUses 4-H application and deadline that is different from the CFBC scholarship process.
Entrepreneurial Scholarship in Honor of Lloyd and Jane TaylorNoNoZHS Only3NoneBusinessMust show entrepreneurial spirit through activities/involvement.
Eugene O. & Mabel Higgins ScholarshipYesYesBoone County resident2.5Indiana college or universityNone
Family Music Studio ScholarshipNoNoAny, must be a Boone Co. residentNoneNoneNonePreference given to a student of Family Music Studio.
Florence Gruver Memorial ScholarshipYesNoLHS, WeBo, ZHS for all 4 years2None - 4 year onlyEducation
Haines Family ScholarshipNoYesZHS Only2.5Any 2 or 4 year programNone
Harold and Evelyn Rice ScholarshipPossiblyNoAnyNoneNoneMinistry/Christian Service
Harold "Eugene" Wagner ScholarshipNoNoZHS Only2.5NoneNoneMust be a 4 year participant in a wrestling program with 3 years at ZHS; must have lettered in wrestling 2 of 4 years.
James Holman Carr & Pauline Neel Carr ScholarshipYesYesResident & Graduate of a Boone County High School3.0Purdue UniversityNoneAward is based on essay and financial need. Must current year HS graduate planning to attend Purdue University.
Jake and John Whitney Roth Memorial ScholarshipYesYesZHS Only2.5None- preference given to University of Southern IN studentsNone
Verlyn (Jay) Martin Vocational Scholarship FundYesYesLHS, WeBo, ZHS, or Tri-West 2NoneAny Vocational or Trade School
Joseph K. Tyre and Charlotte Carr Tyre ScholarshipYesYesBoone County Resident3Wabash CollegeNone
Knebel Family Nursing ScholarshipNoNoAlternates each year between LHS & ZHS 3NoneNursing
Leah Cooper McMillan Memorial Softball ScholarshipNoNoZHS OnlyNoneNoneNoneNomination by Womens' Softball Coaches, no application.
Marjorie Stonehill English, Journalism and Creative Arts ScholarshipNoNoBoone County Resident/Boone County HS3NoneEnglish, Journalism or Creative Arts
Dorothy Roby and Yolanda Cox ScholarshipNoNoZHS Only2.5NoneEducation
Oliver L. Warner Educational Scholarship established by Jeff H. ThomassonNoNoZHS3.0NoneEducation
Norma and Ed Castetter ScholarshipNoNoLHS, WeBo, ZHS2.5NoneNonePrincipals from each school nominate one student from their school.
Rachel Fiege ZCHS Women's Soccer ScholarshipYesNoZHS Only3.0NoneNone4 year member of the ZHS Women's Soccer Team.
Robert Stonehill Pre Medical ScholarshipNoNoBoone County Resident/Boone County HS3.5 Freshman YearNoneMedicineAwarded the applicant's high school senior year, but financially awarded sophomore year of college.
Theodore Husting Morden, DPM Wrestling ScholarshipNoNoZHS Only3NoneNoneMust have participated in ZHS Wrestling for three years.
Thomas E. Gruhl ScholarshipPossiblyYesZHS Only3None - preference given to Franklin CollegeNone
Dr. Thomas Slama Scholarship for Medical StudiesYesYesZHS OnlyNoneNoneMedicine or Medical Related Field
Todd Getty Memorial Mental Attitude AwardNoNoZHS Only2NoneNoneNomination, no application.
Tom Bauman Memorial ScholarshipNoNoZHS Onlyn/aAny University, Junior College, Business School or Trade SchoolNoneMust participate in athletics at ZHS.
Vocal Music Scholarship in Honor of Aaron and Cathy Coates and in Memory of Lindsay Van DykeNoNoZHS OnlyNone4 year school onlyNoneMust have participated in the vocal music program for at least 3 years.
Zionsville Community High School Distance Running Scholarship FundNoNoZHS OnlyNoneNoneNoneThe award uses its own application and deadline different from the general CFBC scholarship process. Applications will open after the State meet historically held in late May.
Zionsville Optimist Club Scholarship for a 4-Year UniversityYesYesZHS Only2.5Any 4-year college or universityNone
Zionsville Optimist Club Vocational/Trade School ScholarshipNoYesZHS Only2Any vocational, technical or trade schoolNone
Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department/Larry K. Rust Memorial ScholarshipNoNoBoone County ResidentNoneNonePublic Safety and/or Engineering preferred, but not manditory
Lawrence & Nellie Bailey Memorial ScholarshipNoNoZHS Only2.5NoneMedicine or medical related field