Applying for scholarships can be overwhelming and confusing – we get that! 




Scholarship Tutorials


Scholarship Application Process F.A.Q.’s

How do I begin?
Access the application link:

How do I document my accomplishments, activities, community involvement and work experience ?
Within the student application, there is an opportunity to complete text boxes providing details about your experiences and accomplishments. Additionally, there is an opportunity to upload your own resume, if desired.

How are letters of recommendation received?
Unless the scholarship notes otherwise, all CFBC scholarships require one letter of recommendation from a person NOT affiliated with your school. Be thoughtful of your choices, as no matter how many scholarships you apply for, you may only use the one recommender. This is why it is important to review all scholarships you may want to apply for BEFORE beginning the process. The requests to your recommender will all be done electronically as part of the application. You are responsible for entering the recommender’s e-mail address. It is your responsibility to make sure recommendations are submitted by the deadline (you may see the status of your recommendation requests through your user account). When you fill in the information, an email will be immediately sent to the email address provided for the recommending individual. We strongly suggest that you notify your recommender that they will receive an e-mail from requesting their response and to safe-list that address so your request doesn’t enter their spam filter.

How does my transcript get to the CFBC?
You will request the transcript via your application. Similar to the recommendation, you will fill in your guidance counselor’s e-mail address. This is entered in the transcript section of the common application. Transcripts are due to the CFBC on the same date as the scholarship deadline, but your school may have an internal deadline for your request which is different. It is your responsibility to make sure your transcript is submitted by the deadline (you may see the status of your requests through your user account).

Does every scholarship require an essay?
No, but many scholarships do require an essay. The specific question or essay topic to address is listed within each scholarship. Please limit your essays to 250 words or less.


General Scholarship F.A.Q.’s

What is a scholarship fund?
Scholarship funds are charitable accounts established at the Community Foundation of Boone County by generous individuals or organizations for the purpose of assisting students in continuing their education. Most funds are designated for Boone County residents, some funds are specific to a particular high school and others are directed to students interested in a specific field of study. No two scholarship funds are the same.

How much does it cost to apply for a scholarship?
It’s free. There is no charge to apply.  Be very leery of scholarships which require a fee to apply.

Does the Community Foundation of Boone County make the decisions about who is awarded?
Dedicated volunteers evaluate scholarships and score them based upon the criteria of the scholarship.  Recommendations are then made to the CFBC’s Board of Directors for their approval.

When will I be notified?
Most scholarship recipients, who are graduating seniors, will be notified of their awards at the senior awards ceremony at their respective high schools. College students will be notified via letter of their award in the month of May.

If I want to send a thank you note, where do I send it?
We encourage you to send a word of thanks to the scholarship’s donors.  We just ask that recipients send a thank you note to the CFBC with the scholarship noted, and we will forward on to the donor and/or the selection committee.

How much will I receive if I am selected as a recipient?
Awards for each scholarship vary from the smallest one time scholarship of $500 to the largest renewable scholarship of $6,000-$8,000 per year.  Specific scholarship award amounts will be announced at awards nights.

Do I receive a check if I am awarded a scholarship?
No. All scholarship checks are made payable to your school and go directly to the financial aid office. Checks are sent to schools in the summer to be divided between two semesters/three trimesters for the complete school year. After the check is sent, a copy of the transaction is sent to the student for his/her records.

Are scholarships taxable?
Scholarships administered at the Community Foundation of Boone County are to be used for tuition, books and required fees.  These items are generally nontaxable.  The CFBC recommends that you and/or your parents consult a tax expert or your school’s financial aid office for advice.

If I receive a scholarship one year, will I automatically receive it the following year?
No. While some scholarships are renewable, others are one-time. Each scholarship varies; please check scholarship specifics.

What documentation is needed for scholarships that are renewable?
To qualify for renewal of multi-year scholarship awards (maximum of 4 years), students must:

  • Provide evidence on transcript of full-time enrollment (12 credits or more)
  • Be properly classified (i.e. 2nd year=sophomore)
  • Maintain at least 2.5 GPA on 4.0 scale
  • If the scholarship you have received is college-specific or major-specific, you must continue to meet the requirement to continue the scholarship.
  • Renewal requests must be made by June 15 each year by completing the renewal form sent to the student in May. An unofficial transcript reflecting the complete school year is required annually.

What happens if I transfer colleges once I receive the scholarship?
If you transfer to another university at any time, notify the CFBC immediately. Some scholarships are school-specific and may or may not be able to be transferred to a new university.